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Farewell DMX

April 9, 2021

We regret having to be the bearers of such heavy news, but earlier today, our Brother DMX transitioned to his eternal resting place. A week ago from today, Friday, April 2, 2021, he was placed on life support at a White Plains due to a heart attack, which reportedly, was connected to a drug overdose. His condition was further exacerbated by the shutting down of his organs. Hundreds of DMX family members and supporters, set up a vigil outside of the White Plains hospital in an effort to connect to the rapper and encourage him to fight through his ordeal. Unfortunately, his body was weakened by what we know now to have been several heart attacks, leaving a very tiny chance for him to return to the fullness of life he knew, prior to the attacks.

Last night, comedian Luenell bid rapper DMX (birth name Earl Simmons), farewell in an Instagram post. Immediately, she was attacked by DMX’s fans, family and lawyer. Since the world discovered DMX was fighting for his life, representatives of the family and the family itself has asked true supporters to allow them the respect and space they deserve, in working through their tumultuous ordeal.

It has been stated, with DMX already being on life support due to a heart attack, he had also tested positive for COVID-19. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the family was not allowed to form a large gathering around him, as they prayed for his recovery and supported each other. DMX was the father of 15 children. The youngest son, Exodus, was born in 2016 to his fiancee, Desiree Lindstrom. His ex-wife Tashera Simmons, who bore 4 of DMX’s children, has been on the most vocal in providing the press with daily updates about the condition of her ex-husband. Quite naturally, Desiree Lindstrom, has been too overcome with a grief, which is evident in her posture at press conferences, to field any of the media’s questions about DMX. She was looking forward to a future with her son’s father, however, the latest turn of events came without warning.

While DMX was hospitalized, dozens of Ruff Ryders and motorcyclists showed up outside of the hospital, sporting their Ruff Ryder vests, emblazoned with the famous letter ‘R’ emblem. Along with fans, they played many of DMX’s songs. The gathering and mood seemed more like the beginning of a big outdoor house party; the crowd was there, but just a little bit too conservative to hit the dance floor and start a dance off competition. Instead, they were bobbing their heads solemnly and reciting words to many of DMX’s greatest hits.

Speaking of hits, one way you can bid farewell to DMX, as well as support his children and family, is by purchasing his EP, “A Dog’s Prayers”. It was released today, before he transitioned and is accessible through most streaming platforms. This EP is a combination of Prayers and Poetry, four of the tracks, “Prayer – Skit”, “Prayer III”, “Prayer IV” and “Prayer V” have been released previously.

DMX’s unique signature, raspy, barking style of rap will truly be missed. However, there are volumes of work, yet to be discovered by our Youth and oldheads who have followed his career since his first track dropped, “Get at Me Dog”. Rest in Power to our Big Dawg, DMX!!!!!! #RIPDMX

Sending Up Prayers for DMX

Last night, Friday, April 2, 2021, DMX was rushed to a White Plains, NY hospital and is considered to be in critical condition. Although there still is not a clear explanation of what landed him in the hospital, several media giants have reported the rapper had a heart attack after a drug overdose.

We certainly hope DMX can bounce back after this shockwave has hit the internet. As is expected, he is already receiving an outpouring of love from fellow rappers and numerous fans.

This is not the first time DMX has suffered has been known to have a battle with drugs. In 2019, he was admitted to a drug rehabilitation program. He survived then and we are praying he pulls through this time as well. He has already been preaching the word to his social media followers, as well as fans, who have attended his concerts.

DMX is on life support, so his condition is grave. We are praying for a speedy, full recovery.